My how they’ve grown

Ever since I launched my newborn baby booties pattern on Etsy I have been inundated with requests for larger sizes (I guess babies do grow!). This was no easy task and it’s something I’ve been putting off. But now I am delighted to say that my new


Lest we forget

People young and old in the UK are making poppies to commemorate and celebrate the end of the First World War. Here is a quick and easy pattern which should take under five minutes to make. If you make them for friends and relatives please do encourage


Hats off

I made a wooly hat for a friend's birthday present. She loved it. And another friend loved it too. So much so that she commissioned me to make three for her grown up children for Christmas. I'm quite pleased with the result.

The hats themselves

crochet booties and boxes choosy stuff

Open for business!

I'm delighted to say that my Etsy shop is now open for business. It's been a labour of love but lots of fun making a pattern for my Converse style booties. The pattern is easy to follow and comes with handy video tips from my YouTube page. And what's

crochet cowl choosy stuff

Simon Cowl

So this was the first cowl I made. I aimed for the look of a 1930’s school boy jumper with the a roll neck (I’ve got a lovely photo of my Dad wearing one). I love a cowl because its neater than a scarf under your coat and of course stays tightly closed… more

crochet granny squares choosy stuff

Granny’s not square

So my Mother decided she would like brand new bed linen and curtains for her 90th Birthday. How brilliant is that? I tell you, it's no easy task for a 90 year old with walking difficulties  to climb to the top floor of Laura Ashley to reach the bed

crochet bear choosy stuff

Bearing all

Ahh little Abu Bear. I made this for my friend’s daughter (Annabel, Abu for short). It was one of my first attempts at Amigurumi. Honestly I had no idea how easy Amigurumi could be. There are some amazing tutorials on You Tube. Sharon Ojala of

crochet socks choosy stuff

Blow my socks off

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! hand crocheted wool socks, fabulous. After much trial and error I think I’ve come up with the perfect pattern. I”ll get it written up as soon as I can. The first year I learned to crochet the whole family got a pair of these for… more

crochet converse choosy stuff


These have been an absolute labour of love. Again there are loads of patterns out there, but My Oh My they are so complicated or the shape or style just isn’t right. I think i’ve come up with a very simple but effective version along with a printable… more