Simon Cowl

So this was the first cowl I made. I aimed for the look of a 1930’s school boy jumper with the a roll neck (I’ve got a lovely photo of my Dad wearing one). I love a cowl because its neater than a scarf under your coat and of course stays tightly closed around your neck for added warmth. This one was easy peasy. I used two strands of Sylecarft dk and a size 6 hook. I think I made a chain of about 29 stitches then did alternate rows of double (uk treble) and single (uk double) crochet until it neatly fitted around my neck.

Folks have commented on how neat my edges look. Thats all down to my wholly exclusive (as far as I know) turning chain method which you’ll find on my ‘Make’ page under ‘breaking all the rules’ (when I’ve uploaded it!).

To sew up the cowl just turn down the collar part and neatly stitch the bottom edges so that it holds together. Add two buttons. there’s no need to make button holes as the double crochet is a large enough stitch for the buttons to fit through. To be honest you don’t really need to undo the buttons, as it will just slip over your head. Add a five stitch scalloped  boarder along the bottom. Again I’ll get this on to my ‘Make’ page as soon as I can. In the meantime there are loads of You Tube videos to show you how to do a neat boarder. i like this one  from eHow Crafts