Granny’s not square

So my Mother decided she would like brand new bed linen and curtains for her 90th Birthday. How brilliant is that? I tell you, it's no easy task for a 90 year old with walking difficulties  to climb to the top floor of Laura Ashley to reach the bed linen department, but she was determined. After much deliberation she set her heart on Geranium Pale Topaz

As you can imagine  I was itching to get down to the wool shop to buy matching coloured wool to make her a coordinated cushion. The cushion ended up costing more than the whole duvet set as I used fabulous Debbie Bliss Cash Merino. I’ll post a picture of the finished object shortly, it turned out just gorgeous if I say so my self. Here’s a link to this particular Granny Square  by Bob Wilson. She is a fabulous teacher.

....and here is the finished article. And my mum and niece.